DupKiller App Reviews

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Not so good

Admittedly, it's inexpensively priced, but it's nothing more than a file sorter.

It works

Totally no-frills but it worked like a charm. Took a folder full of attached photos (135) with similar filenames and in seconds, bam… I had a new folder with just the 81 unique items all cleanly sorted for me.

A Good App

I found the app to function exactly as advertised. I had no problems with freezing. I did everal test runs, letting it find deliberately misnamed duplicates in a folder of .rtf .pages and .doc files. It had no trouble weeding out the duplicates. I performed the same test using .jpg and .psd files. Again, the program had no problem finding the duplicates. Finally, I put together a mixed folder of all of the preceding files. In total the folder contained a little more than 3000 files. I knew sixty of them to be misnamed duplicates. The application found them all. After testing the program, I put it to work. I opened an old Mail archive with more than 6000 items. I knew there were many duplicates, but I was surprised to find that there were more than 600. I checked a random sample. Again, DupKiller succeeded. In total, the program saved me more than a gigabyte of hard drive space and hours of hand sorting. The program has limitations–it seems not to like nested folders. Additionally, folders of more than 800 or so items slow down the program, sometimes dramatically. Unfortunately, these pauses are unaccompanied by any indication that the program is at work. Its easy to imagine that the program has failed, even though what really has happened is simply that its taking time to digest all of the new data. All in all, a lot of value for the price.


Pretty worthless and freezes up a lot.

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